Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long time no post!

Wow, what is happening with the blog you ask?????? Well we are starting a new business selling kids hats and hair clips. We have been hard at work crocheting and twisting ribbon for the last couple months. We have worked several fund raisers giving a portion of the sales to great causes and are getting ready for another one.

I have been following an amazing family for quite awhile now that are coming very close to adding another sweet baby to their family. Being a family that has always struggled with infertility, I am in awe of all that Adrienne and Jim have endured and the journey that God has put them on. I will share more in the next few days...... no really just a few days not months!

I'm off to upload some pictures!

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Kaleena said...

I've also been following the journey to bring Lily home. I can't wait to see them bring her home to her forever family!