Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday...... It's back!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well, let me start by saying that I did NOT miss the Not Me Mondy fun over the last several weeks while we all rode along with Mckmama on her journey with Stellan. Sitting in anticipation while my computer loaded everyday to see how he was. I sogned up for Twitter even though I only "tweet" to 2 people but I could keep tabs on the little guy that way. I also did NOT break my own goal of posting at least 3 times a week in the year 2009. I mean really how hard should it be to post just 3 times in 7 days or just under 170 hours........... but I seem to be caught in the latest Face Book obsession thanks to Nancy, my good friend from our IVF board. I DO Face Book you see..... (NOT). I don't have time to see when people are running to the store or fixing their meals. I do NOT stay in the real world! Feet firmly planted in the REAL! That is why Farm Town is such a normal thing for me, building, planting, running a virtual farm..... yea right that would be me for sure!?!? Like I do NOT have enough to do here at our REAL farm. But you see I have figured it out, the catchy little tune is hypnotic and it does NOT draw you in and bring you back again and again into the addiction. I have all but stopped cleaning and laundry here at the real house..... okay okay so I didn't have a great handle on it before but REALLY now I seem to log on to "check" my farm and work for others a lot! If I REALLY worked for REAL money we would NOT have a fat little piggy bank!
I have also finally understood the "you will never stop smoking till you are ready theory...... even though I know I should be more productive in the REAL world, I don't want to be! Blissfully planting, picking, selling, and yes even begging for jobs in too fun! SO, if you have many many mindless hours that you need to fill, just sign on to Face Book and click into Farm Town, your Dream farm is waiting for you too!!!

I did NOT this week make a plan to have all the organizing done for Spring only to throw those plans out the window due to time issues...... hmmmmm there it is that lack of time thing again. Maybe we should just MOVE TO Farm Town, it seems to be much more organized than home!

We did NOT get a bottle of gel and make the boys Faux-hawks this week. Taylor's seemed to just fall over into ringlets because his hair is NOT like his Mom's as far as the body goes. When he was little he used to smile and say "I love my turls". Logan however got a pretty good spike going.

We are not gearing up for a Granny visit this weekend. The last time Mom came both she and Courtney came for 4 days!! We did NOT run from store to store to restaurant the whole time they were here. Nope NOT us, the fun lasted so long that dinner did NOT happen till about 8:30 every night. I would never allow that kind of schedule mix-up with the kids. My Mom AKA Super Granny did NOT also buy overly expensive tennis shoes for all the kids while she was here. Nope, she would never indulge the kids like that. The kids do NOT think she is the BEST Granny hands down. It was NOT the best time ever. This time however just Granny is coming Courtney is NOT going to be hard at work studying for finals.... (she better be!)

We did NOT cook a 24lb. turkey and then bone it and cook it some more and turn it into 6 containers of quick meals for the warm weather so I am able to be with the kids and still serve REAL meals.

We did NOT put the trampoline up the day Courtney got here and now have the blackest socks in the neighborhood. No way, my kids would NEVER want to get so dirty.

I did NOT get so aggravated with the neighbors dog that I drove her home 3 times on Saturday and finally put her into her pen and lock the door so the kids could play and walk the llamas without them all being scared by BEAR the neighbors dog. She also did NOT puncture 2 balls and shred 1 frisbee. That would never happen since she is the neighbors dog and they do NOT allow her to be at our house more than theirs!

I did NOT put all of Kendall's size 2 shoes in the container. She is finally wearing a size 3 now, she is NOT also finally in a 12 month clothes size at least most of the time. After all she is only 20 1/2 months old now.

I did NOT feel so tired that I just couldn't make myself upload the pictures to go with this post. After all it was after 4 a.m. when I put down my hoe, long day on the Farm Town farm! I MUST have this ready for the BIG race in the morning with MckMama so the pictures will again come later.........

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great Not Me post! I hope you have a great week!