Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marriage....................... Oh my!

As a child I watched with interest as my parents navigated the waters of marriage. They made it look seamless......... I was so blessed to have a blissful childhood. We lived in a nice home that my Dad had worked and remodeled with his own hands... He worked hard at his job and at home in his off time. I don't even remember seeing a repairman in the house and I don't think we ever took out car "to the shop" to be worked on. My Dad was basically Superman, nothing he couldn't do.

My Mom, was your sitcom Mom. She cooked, cleaned, and handed out discipline. She taught us to do our best and love God. She worked tirelessly to save money and teach us to be good stewards. I never remember her saying she couldn't do something or that we were making her crazy. But as I think back to my childhood the thing I remember the most was that there was no yelling or fighting (well, not my parents anyway). I thought they ALWAYS got along.

As an adult I have strived to be that same parent. I didn't realize till just recently that there were times when Mom and & Dad were NOT happy, they did disagree.... wow! They made a commitment to not fight in front of us or anyone else. They did an awesome job because this shocked me......... It also helped me to realize that in my reality there were fights, they just didn't happen in front of us.

In my own marriages I have struggled......... I'm a bit bossy and controlling.... well, that is because I am right.... lol I like to run the show and keep everything organized. It is so hard to realize that my vision might not be someone else's. There are times you don't get your opinion. Life just sucks sometimes, every once in awhile I hear a tiny tiny voice reminding me that I am my husbands helpmate......... not his leader. He is supposed to be mine... Boy, that one is hard for me!

Lately we are struggling a bit, neither of us are contemplating running towards any doors but we are butting heads more than we need to. It is stealing our joy and our time, let me say there is precious little time to spare. We each try in half-hearted attempts, and then fall on our face. Tim is incredibly busy and work and home is the same...... busy, busy, busy. Our hat businees is taking off with is wonderful!! I have been steadily busy since the fall.... great news.... well almost. With the busy comes the problem of balancing time. Tim works a lot of hours and with the kids activities keep us off our rocker busy. So, last week I decided that I was hauling our behinds to the church for a marriage conference. Have you ever attended one? They are incredible, such a good day and our hearts were renewed..... Now to figure out how to keep them that way.

Tim, I love you so much. You try to keep us together and when we work together there is nothing we can't do~

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