Monday, February 22, 2010

Not me Monday...... well, Monday night

It's been awhile since I have played along with this game. You see I most certainly DO have it altogether and just haven't had any "Not Me's". But over the last week things must have slipped.... well just a bit.

Kendall has not over the last couple weeks decided that anytime she is eating that she should immediately when our back is turned "wear" her food. Last week she proclaimed I air (wear) nana ering (banana earings) When I turned back around from washing the dishes she had NOT cleverly placed bananas in her ears. Nope, not my baby girl!

I did NOT once again want to torch my van. Van issues,.... yet again. The bain of my existence! I did NOT chant to myself Dave Ramsay's words. "Live like no one else so you can live like no one else." Which I think we are probably doing, this van is on the fritz more than it isn't. Spring 2011 is our target for a new car..... yea right. By then we will be walking!

I have NOT been getting my behind kicked in the Kendall potty training arena. She is NOT proving to be the most challenging child yet. She is very willing, also willing the next few minutes in her pull up. I did NOT agree with myself to wait till spring and then go back on my word to myself.

I took Courtney, Logan, and Taylor snow skiing last week. First time for all of them. I opted to not ski and help, coach, and photograph them. I was not almost brought to tears as they just took right off. I also did NOT run UP the ski slope in my shoes under the lift the first trip up for the little boys. I was totally NOT planning on catching them when they fell out. I did NOT shock the lift operator at the top of the hill, when I explained that I needed to be there since it was there first time. He in turn did NOT look at me like I was a wild woman. I also did not get questioned from ski patrol in a conversation something like this.... Patrol: Mam, you don't have on skis????? Me: Oh, really?... I just got in a hurry and needed to make sure my boys could do the lift alone. Patrol... Mam, you may not be on the slope without equipment! Me..... okay heading back down, thanks..... (like I was NOT already running down trying to follow my boys. I would NEVER do that!

I have NOT completely ripped out Courtney's hat twice now! I would never gauge my daughters head SO wrong,I would never make her bucket hat so big we called it a chip bowl!

We did not as a family loose our sweet dog Maggie. I have NOT cried buckets everyday since. I have NOT cancelled all apointments until I can get a handle on my emotion. I would NEVER get so upset over a pet....

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karina said...

Oh my sweet friend. I laughed!!! You seriously ran up the hill and down without equipment? You are indeed crazy!

Now, you go cry some more over your sweet doggy, and don't think another thought about it. I still cry over Molly, who was my baby when I couldn't have one, and it's been almost 2 years.

Love you dear.