Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well............ Here I am

It seems hard to believe that I have my own BLOG!!! What a riot, I am the same person that can't seem to defrag my computer and need my husband Tim to load, install or change anything outside changing an ink cartridge. Welcome in................... just hang onto your seats because in this household of 7 we rarely sit still for long and the unexpected happens everday.

I guess introductions are in order there is my husband Tim and myself and then we have 6 kiddos to make the bunch. 5 here and 1 in heaven, 3 Girls Tiffany 21, the oldest and most "in charge". she is in college to be a nurse. Courtney 19, is our "animal whisper". A gift she was given since birth, she is also in college and working for the summer. Then we have Logan, 7 he is our "professor". Quite a sharp guy who also has some of those strong personality genes. Taylor 5, is our sports nut and "soft-heart". Mackenzie 3, is our heavenly little one, we lost her when I was 21 wks pregnant. Then our real miracle Kendall is just 10 months. Speaking of Kendall I hear her prtesting loudly from her room. Nap time is over!

Thanks for reading!

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Holly said...

Hi Penny. Thank you for posting on the Angel Friends post. I'm so sorry that you lost your precious daughter Mackenzie. I would love to add her to the list but I need her birth day to do so. You can either email me the date or post it on the Angel Friends post. Thank you.

Sending a ((hug))